Thursday, November 27, 2008


So I went to the doctor last night and got my shots-Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whopping Cough &Polio (all in one needle thankfully) and then one for Hep A and one for Typhoid!
My arms felt okay for about an hour afterwords and then by 9pm last night they were throbbing and sore and causing me alot of pain. I got 2 needles in my left arm and one in my right arm.

Then I had a HORRIBLE sleep because I couldn't get comfortable with my arms being so sore and Ben bumped my arms at least a few times in the night and that caused me to wake up in pain.... I am going to be EXHAUSTED by lunch time today! and my arms are STILL really sore this morning. I didn't expect the pain to last so long!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor Doctor!

So tonight at 5pm is my doctor appointment to get all my shots and medicines for our trip.
I think I am getting 4 needles... Hep A and typhoid that I picked up from the Drug Store (they were just over $100!!! not covered by ohip or our drug plan) and I need a tetanus shot and maybe a Diphtheria shot as well but those last two are covered by ohip thankfully.

I will be getting a whole bunch of meds to take with us, Maleria drugs, anitbicotics etc.... Fun fun.
I am not looking forward to the shots......Ben couldn't raise his arms move that 45 degrees from his body after his...

Also I am getting a general checkup and all the fun stuff that goes along with that... i would rather stick a fork in my eye than spend evening going to the doctor.... Ben is working so he won't be with me.... I am beginning to get anxious... I hate doctors and I hate being poked even more!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ben worked all weekend....
So on the weekend I went to the Tilley store and bought a hat and socks for my trip.
I also had a FANTASTIC shopping trip to Zellers with Cathy man we both love that store! And then we went for a nice latte at the starbucks and a little treat after all our shopping.

Sunday Cathy & I went out for breakfast at this REALLY cute little breakfast place that is new and has great prices and great food. It was very enjoyable. Cathy went home to study and then I tackled Christmas Shopping at Yorkdale... which was mostly horrible & annoying and I bought very little for the amount of time I was there and I came home cranky. I also went to the Shoppers and Dollarama... both were much more enjoyable than the mall.

I tried to pickup my vaccines for my trip that I need to take to the doctor's on Wednesday night but they were over 100.00!!! our health plan doesn't cover ANY of the cost of the vaccines... well just after having spent the weekend Christmas shopping and shopping for my trip I was way too broke to pay 100.00 for the vaccines. I will have to get the money from Ben and try and pick them up tonight or tomorrow. I am shocked by the price for just 2 shots.... and it made me even more cranky....

I did some lanudry and tidying yesterday too and was again annoyed in th evening that my shows DH and Brothers & Sisters wasn't on because of some dumb music awards.

It was a productive weekend but not at all a fun one.
(oh except for my Zellers trip with Cathy and breakfast on Sunday)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Checking items off my list....

So last night I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned so I'm good to go for our trip!
Next week on Wednesday I have a doctor appointment at 5pm to get all my vaccines & medicines I need for the trip too. Ben went this week and already got all his shots.

And tomorrow I am doing some shopping I plan to head out to Lululemon, Mec and the Tilley store... okay actually I doubt I will get to all 3 places... but the Tilley store is the one I am supposed to go too the most and try on and get a hat :) so that one will get accomplished the other 2 highly questionable.

This weekend I keep telling myself I am going to go Christmas shopping... but it really depends how motivated I feel... Ben is working all weekend but at least he's here in town so home late in the evenings.

I am thinking this year we won't get a Christmas Tree... sigh... there's just no point since we will be in Ktown & Pembroke before, during and after Christmas and then we leave for our trip on the 28th so that doesn't leave much time to enjoy tree and then take it down and get rid of it when we get back.

Last year we got an Ikea Christmas tree for 20 bucks and it was fun to put up and have but again we didn't have Christmas at home and when we got home it was a mess the tree had dropped alot of the needles because it got dried out with no one watering it and it wasn't that that fun much to take the decorations off and clean up afterwords...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lost and Now Found

Good news! My red gortex hiking boots have been found! YAY! So everyone can relax now and stop searching their homes and cars for me :)

for those wondering they were in a box OF BEN's in the truck of my truck.... I blame Ben.

So it snowed last night and all I could think of is that I am going to be away from snow and cold for 4 whole weeks! December in Toronto is usually pretty tame and I like snow at Christmas so I can deal with some snow over the next 5 weeks and use deal with a 'short' winter when I come back.
I hate the cold, and snow and actually I hate winter in general!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things to Pack & Items to Purchase

I am a geek I know!

But I came home the other night and packed ALL my things for my trip :)
Mostly just to see what I need to buy and what I already own. But I laid it all out and made a list of things I still need....

I own my pack already :)

I have 5 tank tops some with built in bras some not.
1 good sports bra.
1 pair of nylon pants
1 pair of lulu lemon pants (as a warm layer for the colder cloud forest type of areas)
1 pair of capri pants that roll into shorts
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of swim type activity shorts.
1 full piece bathing suit and a cover up tube top thingy
1 Marino wool long sleeve shirt
rain pants
rain coat
1 fleece

things to buy....

  1. I need one light sleeve top (nylon or something just for bugs & sun)
  2. I need a bucket hat with a string so I won't loose it
  3. I need a travel towel
  4. I could use some decent quick drying socks... I have my eye on some from the Tilley store.....
  5. I have decided to buy a new bikini a good one from speedo that is not a string bikini so it won't fall off during the water sporty things we will be doing....

I DO own excellent water proof hiking boots but they are currently lost and/or missing in my home or I left them at someone else's home.... but they are lost and I do not know where they are and this is stressing me out!!!

hmmmmmm I know about bug spray and sun lotion etc... I am just not quite into packing those items yet..... still on about clothes....

  • Do I need sunglasses??? and should I try to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses before we leave??? Do I need to see in great detail??? I could just bring a cheap pair of sunglasses but I won't actually be able to see clearly more than 5 feet from my face...

Where does Bendrea come from?

Hello all and welcome to our travel blog about our 4 week adventure through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Now some of you may wonder about the name of the blog being Bendrea... well it was a nickname we kind of got in college from our friends since we were apparently rarely seen apart from each other.
And we were totally Bendrea before they was such things as Bennifer or Brangelina FYI.... and when I was trying to find a name for this blog simple stuff like ABAdventures was gone and I was having trouble find something nice & short as our blog URL.
Okay so make sure you check back in with us from time to time as we get ready for our adventure!