Friday, January 23, 2009

Attack of the Sand Flies!

They call them blackflies here but they aren't the same as at home. But they sure do bite! I had these little red marks all over my arms last night but I didn't think much of them. But this morning they have turned into itchy red welts!!!! They are driving me INSANE.....
It's too cold mosquitoes up here so I wasn't really looking out for bugs... I am sorry for it now though.
So we had a wonderful long sleep last night we went to bed at 8:30pm we were SO tired after all that hiking, the temperature dipped to about 10 degrees last night so we lit the fire and put lots of wood on and crawled under the comforters into bed. We work up around 6:30am this morning and came up to the main house for our last breakfast.
I keep getting teary moments about leaving and going home. I miss people and I my house but I don't actually want my normal boring routine life back.... I know it's silly but I keep crying it's just been the most incredible month ever.
okay I have to go back to the room now and pack all my things... a chore I have been trying to put off all morning... it's 8:50am, our transport shuttle to the airport leaves at 10:30am....

Add 10:15am

So we are just waiting to leave now...
and I was reliving all the wonderful foods I have tasted while here... some that I forgot to talk about!

*bananas in rum sauce SO yummy..... was I think my favourite dessert we had this at Trek Stop.
*coconut icecream was also very good. Ben liked the soursop icecream.
*Lobster I can't stop thinking about how good all the fish was. snapper was good and I loved the fish burgers!
*we tried Guatemalan Fried Chicken, I already forget the chain name but it's a huge chain in central America and they opened some in the USA now too... they like their fried chicken!
*Ceviche! SO good here.... I LOVE and Ben LOVES ceviche! we will miss it dearly when we go home.

Trevor called me the resident foodie in the group. Since I know and got really excited about food!
Ashely thought it was really cool how excited and how much I expressed my love of she was the veggie in the group but loved how I talked about food and at least appreciated eating meat etc.... Yes so I am the "foodie"

we hadn't heard that many good things about food in Belize we thought it would be mostly bland and plain... I am happy that we were SO wrong!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Ok, so I finished reading the whole vacation!!! Sounds really amazing! Definitely the type of vacation I would love to go on. Of course now that we have a baby girl it will have to wait a while...