Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guatamalans are CRAZY!

So the title of this post is Guatemalans are crazy. Why are they crazy??? Because they are obsessed with fireworks. Trust me they light firecrackers morning, noon and night! I can not explain it enough to really give a complete description but I wil try!
I was REALLY angry the last day in Flores because they fire crackers continued until pretty maybe about 11pm or midnight. And there was a band playing in the square and lots going on in by the church. So I had trouble blocking out the noise to fall asleep. But at least I knew I didn't have to be awake until 7 30 the next morning to get ready and leave at 9am for Belize.

What I didn't know is that at 4am firecrackers would be going on continuously every 10 mins for the next 3 hours! yes every 10 mins from 4am to 7am a series if really loud firecrackers went off AND a man banging a big band drum the kind marching bands use that are wore on the chest and tha man was walking around the town going boom boom boom bbbbrrrrrrrrrroooommm (that was my version of a drumroll) and repeat...

I thought I was going to commit murder and they it got worse at 6am a full mariachi band began to play! and people were dancing and dressed up in costumes! Then they stopped in FRONT of our hotel and did the performance and lit of MORE fire crackers in FRONT of the hotel they were going off at my eye level in our 3rd floor street facing room. How do I know it was eye level??? Because I was WIDE awake and really grumpy, Ben could nothing but laugh apparently my fit of anger was funny to view.

Finally at 7am I had had it and I went and showered and got dressed for breakfast. So yesterday was a little rough for me having been up from 4am onward.

Trevor says they do it all the time. If they have a new baby, they lite firecrackers, if they get married they lite them, if someone dies, they have them, if someone's wife cheats on them they lite fireworks, Trevor says it's how you know they are Guatemalan.
But Ben, myself and the rest of the group have just decided that they are crazy!

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