Friday, January 16, 2009

Rainy Day Friday....

Okay another day of rain... yesterday all rain, today all rain... although a few moments ago a patch of blue sky appeared! We are all praying for sun tomorrow!

Today we girls went shopping and got pedicures or manicures, it is Sarah's birthday so the girls spent the day together. I got a pedicure, and I picked a bright coral colour polish and the girl did a flower pattern design on my big toe. I have happy feet!

And I bought a cute dress for tonight! With all the rain and wind there isn't much to do besides shop and get pretty and do internet... Ben is drinking at sports bar owned by Canadians he is enjoying cheap beer! I knew better than to drag him shopping!

Sarah is getting a massage currently and I decided to buy internet time (which is not chea)before returning to the hotel to get all dressed up going out tonight to celebrate Sarah's birthday! we are going to dinner as a group and then dancing and we ordered her a birthday cake (a surprise!) I am going to wear my new dress.

So yesterday when we got to the island we had a small late lunch I had a lobster wrap SO good. For dinner I had grilled lobster with garlic butter sauce! And this morning for brunch I had a lobster omelet! Lobster is very cheap here so I am filling up :)

I was a little sad to not have any email.... or comments on the blog today :( where is everyone?

Tomorrow Ben and I would like to rent Kayaks and go around the island.. and hopefully go swimming at the spilt (which is where they tried to make a nice beach and a hurricaine washed it awaye and divided the island into 2 parts... now called the spilt. But is still the best swimming to do on the island. And apparently to find sea shells....
Katey I have my snorkel and I am ready to go and find a pretty shell to bring home for the baby so hopefully it's nice and warm and sunny tomorrow so I can go swimming/shell searching at the spilt.

Sunday is our big sailing trip and snorkel day with 3 stops - one being in Sting Ray/Shark Alley (nurse sharks) where we swim with them. Lunch is included and on the way home, RUM PUNCH too! Hopefully we have sun for the trip I think being on a sail boat will be totally awesome! And it's the last day we will be all together since everyone leaves on Monday.

Ben and I staying here on the island on Monday and leaving on Tuesday for Mountain Pine Ridge, where we are staying for 3 nights at the Hidden Valley Inn. Which is a posh place to stay with fireplaces in the all the suites and you can book a private waterfall and champange lunch for the day! Ben says we have been good on budget, and after all this rain we deserve a little treat. We have done well staying in pretty cheap places without hot water etc.... and last night we had ants coming out of our sink, a WHOLE colony of ants and I was totally freaked out, it was gross but it was fixed.... we think.... I half expect the ants to be back tonight....
So staying at the hidden valley inn will be really great. I am looking forward to it, also while we are there we are going to visit Caracol another Mayan site which was a rival city to Tikal.

Okay my 30 mins is coming to an end!!! is there any news or gossip going on ??? I would love to know how people are doing....

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