Wednesday, January 14, 2009

crystal cave

i am a wicked caver! i hiked 4 km up a mountain to the entrance of the the crystal cave. we descended 300 ft into the cave to the bottom and then climbed up back to the top 300 ft and hiked back the 4km to the parking lot.

I forgot to say last night that the hike was through the rainforest it was steamy and warm, like a steam bath! Inside the cave was VERY humid, sweat poured off us the whole time but my skin looks fantastic! The rainforest was very beauitful, stunningly so!

i am so incredibly proud of myself. the cave was harder than the atm cave but awesome! the formations were incredible and our guide rudy was amazing. i have never done anything like this before and rudy really added to our experience with his stories of the mayan people and his personal stories of exploring these caving systems.
it was sarah, (whose last name is haynes mom) marcie & tim from colardo and ben and me again, the fab 5.

ben is also having lots of fun too and loved the caving too. lots of small spaces and places i couldn't imagine going on my own. ben has been taking lots of photos.

yesterday i was a little down and homesick but today i am much better and feeling good. i am happy to be missing the cold snap and snow back home.

tomorrow we head to the coast and the islands, here i come beach!
although we have a long day of travel tomorrow.
today is day 18 of my vacation and i am so excited to finally be going to the beach and eat lobster! trevor says the restaurant called the happy lobster you have lobster and eggs for breakfast! i am very excited about that meal!
okay goodnight!

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