Tuesday, January 13, 2009

camping in the rain in belize

the rain starting on day 1 of the canoe/camping trip and hasn't stopped, sometimes it slows to a drizzle but then it will pour heavy again. everything was wet, we were wet and a bit cool....
but thankful the support staff did all the hard work and cooking. the guys were awesome. but i am glad the camping part is over.
now i hope this cold front leaves so we will have sunshine for the beach days on friday.

i am using bens tablet computer, so no keyboard, slow to write. we are using the hotel wireless, but i am really not a fan of the place we are staying, partly because of my mood likely and the rain.
i am too tired and cold to type really too much about it tonight. i think i am a bit homesick today. the weather made most people cranky and we got annoyed with each other easily i think.

tomorrow we are getting up and doing the crystal cave since it's the only tour here not affected by the rain. -lots of climbing and cool mayan cultural things, but it's a dry cave no water like the atm. i should have lots to say about it tomorrow.
ATM is closed to tours due to the high water levels right now so i am glad we did it when we had the chance.

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