Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hidden Valley Inn on the Mountain Pine Ridge...

We began our travels today at 10am and arrived here at the resort at 4:30pm it was a LONG day, made a little tough by me not feeling 100%, I was kinda very out of it during the travels, but at least it was on a travel day and not an activity day! (that would have been much much worse)

So we got to San Ignacio and hired a taxi to drive us to the resort, which is on a dirt road the WHOLE 1 hour was on a DIRT road, and seriously dude's car took a major beating! I few times I thought the car was just going to breakdown.

Even though the taxi driver had taken some air out of the tires I was still very sure that we blew a tire a few times and was shocked when we didn't. I was happy though that the driver checked the spare first before we headed out of town.

Finally after a very bumpy, dusty 1 hour drive we make it to the most beautiful place I have ever laid eyes on! It's a gorgeous resort with great decor, fireplaces in the bar, dining room, lounge, reception, living room etc... and they are all lit this evening and I am sitting here on the computer drinking a glass of red wine. Ben is on his computer, and I am doing my thing on here, listening to soft music and the sound of fire crackling in the background. It's picture perfect!

I had forgotten how much I missed having really hot water! When we checked in the first thing I did was have a hot shower and crawl into the comfy bathrobe and read the literature on what there is do here with Ben.

We have booked Caracol for tomorrow. We leave at 8am to hook up with the convoy that leaves at 9:15am. The convoy has an armed guard escort to prevent robberies and holdups that were happening along the road by Guatemalans who were sneaking across the border to terrorize tourists heading to Caracol (which is a Belizan Mayan Site) Anyways now everyone goes together once a day and leaves once a day in this convoy with the army escort and there hasn't been any problems since they began doing it this way.

I am very excited for Caracol tomorrow! I should be feeling better tomorrow too, so I am not too worried about that.. and when we get back from Caracol I have set my mind on swimming in the pool and heated Jacuzzi they have here!

I love this place I could live here forever! Okay now I'm going to go and check out dinner!

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