Monday, January 5, 2009

Gap Trip Night

Had my first pina colada of the trip! Finally feels like a vacation.... It was SO yummy. It was at a seaside open air restaurant this afternoon while we chilled out and relaxed in the city and I had a GREAT fried fish burger for lunch which really hit the spot!

Met our trip guide Trevor - seems cool and lots of experience. There are 11 people on the trip 3 single girls and the rest are couples. 12 of us total if you include Trevor. One couple is retired/older. The others are married younger like us. It looks like a good group. 2 of the girls went on the Kayak, island hopping tour here in Belize last week.

We met a single girl from Calgary in our group who is actually from Henderson PS in Kingston although she is 5 years older than me, she went to Frontenac HS. SMALL world!!!! Sarah is super cool, and has been on 3 gap tours before this to Ecuador, Peru & some others in South America. She seems to have traveled alot, since she has also been to the Greek Islands and Australia. We talked with her for a while. I think she will fun to hang out with, she likes to snorkel so maybe I have found a snorkel buddy!!!! (since Ben isn't really good or into it) She also camps and hikes a lot so Ben likes her too.. lots of common interests and things to talk about.

We leave tomorrow at 7:45 we have a 6 hour bus trip tomorrow ahead of us until we reach our hotel in Flores, Guatalmala from here in Belize City.

Wednesday is Tikal! we will be leaving at 5am from the hotel for Tikal we were told tonight ugg.... but you can see more wildlife and it's cooler temperatures to walk around so I understand the benefit.

Katey & Nate - Glad you are enjoying the blog... K bought you something I saw and it just screamed out to me that it was very you!! I can't wait to see you when we get back :)

Kris- I am also glad to have missed the freezing rain... I don't envy you. omg it's SO hot heat.... I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes though.... I am very itchy.

Mom K- Can't ever get enough of animals especially baby ones!!!!

Jenny- New Years was spent in El Rosario with the German couple and a lovely bottle of Chilean Red Wine in the cabin on the mountain... so peaceful and wonderful, it feels almost like camping in Ontario in the summertime. Although we fell asleep before midnight but that's okay :)

Okay it's 10:30pm I must go to bed !


Mom K said...

Sarah's last name?? bet I can find out people who know her...
Glad you have found a snorkel buddy.. and DON"T scratch!!!

Jen said...

It sounds like you guys are having such a fabulous time. I am living vicariously through you!!! Big hugs to you and Ben.