Friday, January 2, 2009

san pedro sula

we are in an americanized hotel near the san pedro sula airport tonight. the internet is very slow so i can not post photos. excuse the typos too please i must hurry and have much to write.........

didn't get to copan no travel on jan 1 being the holiday.... so stayed longer in el rosario and enjoyed the park la tigra. when we come back to honduras in the future we will visit then.

valle de angeles
so on tuesday we took a chicken bus to valle de angeles the artist village and stayed there overnight. it was fun, a very cute place, lots of shopping! we bought an oil on canvas painting they took it off the frame and rolled it up for us.
we had some amazing food. pinchos are kabobs we had a combo pincho of sauage and shrimp with veggies, rice, beans and tortias. we also had a mixes seafood ceviche which was amazing that day for lunch!
dinner was plato typical since lunch was so big, and some wine and beer and took in the night. there was a reglisious festival that night in the village square across from where we were eating dinner. it had a full drum set and guitars and amps and people in costumes, with flags and tamborines singing. we called it full on jesus rock. very interesting to watch......

El Rosario and la tigra
the next day we caught yet another chicken bus to san juancito, which really means they drop you at the road to san juancito and you walk to the town which is 2km.

let me explain chicken buses
the chicken bus was so full words can not describe it. people were crammed to the ceiling and hanging out the windows and doors of the converted school bus now public transportation affectionatly called chicken buses! we were not going to get on because it looked so full, but the bus money man waved us on and put our packs in the under the bus compartments. we were standing on the last step of the bus near the doors and the money guys were hanging out the doors with one foot inside the bus! seriously as the bus puffed black smoke and twisted and turned up and down the mountains we surely thought we would fall out and die.
at one point i starting laughing it was so commerical.

okay so back to our 2 km trek to san juancito.... then find out it's another 2kms straight up the mountain to the park and our accomdations.
thru research we discovered that there was a b&b we could try and see if they had room.... lucky for us they did.
we made it half wat to el rosario which is 1/4 up the mountain after our 2km trek from the road before we came across a another canadian girl who works in honduras and was going to the park for the day. she brokered a ride in pickup truck with some men who were going up for herself and us the rest of the way up the mountain for 300 lempira. highway robbery but i would have paid anything by this point.
2 times the truck couldn't go forward on the steep mountain and we had to get out and push the truck to get it going again and then run after the truck and jump in.
yes go ahead laugh i nearly died........but it is funny thinking back.

finally we make it to the top to CabaƱa Mirador El Rosario, it's a b&b owned by a german couple who speak english! so we did not have to stay at the visitor center thankgod. they fed us dinner and breakfast for the 2 nights we were there. the park was amazing and very beautiful.

this morning we packed our bags and they drove us back to the main highway to catch the chicken bus back to the city where we got a coach bus to san pedro sula 4 hours.... and we are here.
tomorrow we fly out at 7am to belize city.
plan is to visit the a monkey sanctuary 45 mins from belize city..... and stay there sat and sunday night then hook up with the gap tour monday in belize city and start our 2 weeks with them.

whew okay that's it!

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Mom K said...

OK. So I hope Ben got a pic of you pushing the truck or at least running after it.... or hanging out of the chicken bus...
Sounds like you are having a great time. The monkey sanctuary sounds like a good time. Hope all goes well with your flights tomorrow.