Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Thoughts on Caye Caulker

So today we left Caye Caulker we took the 10:00am Water Taxi to Belize city, then took public bus to San Ignancio where we got a taxi to Hidden Valley Inn... but more on that later....
Now some thoughts from my final day on the Caye that I thought up while in transit today...

I will never again be able to eat pineapple anywhere else after here because it's so fresh & sweet!

I LOVE coconut milkshakes and could drink them every day.

I also LOVE bbq'ed lobster and the price!
I had a whole lobster w/ garlic mashed potatoes, rice & beans, rum punch and a strawberry cheesecake for dessert last night all for the price of $25.00 Belizian! Which is $12.50 USD.

I also LOVE the fresh squeezed orange juice, for 1 litre it's $5.00 Belzian or $2.50 USD I am forever spoiled now by the fresh orange juice I was buying here every morning!

So we went to The Spilt and lay around yesterday morning and I went in for a short swim and snorkel.
Ben also snorkeled for a bit, it was nice and calm, good for him to swim around and not get overwhelmed by the salt, currents & waves.

By about noon I wasn't feeling so well, my old friend endo decided to give me a very difficult day... so I had to go back to room, take some drugs and lay down. by dinner I was feeling a little better thus my WONDERFUL dinner as descibed above.

Trevor joined us for dinner (since the group is done now he has a week off before his next gap tour) Trevor said he would hook up with contacts for the next time we want to come down here and visit. I said it would be a while a few years, but even so he said no problem.
I think we will very likely do at least 2 weeks in Nicaragua (with Trevor's help we have become VERY interested!!! and Honduras (Copan in particular for another week) and maybe like 5 days of Belize to hit up the spots we missed for our next vacation.

Sunday and yesterday were both sunny although Sunday was cool with lots of wind.. but Monday was HOT and so was today....

Last night was early to bed, so we could get up and pack this morning and leave for Mountain Pine Ridge.
As the water taxi pulled away we left our sunny warm island for more jungle on the mainland!

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