Monday, January 19, 2009

Caye Caulker

Friday night we went out and partied for Sara's b-day, it was good times. Sat was spent recovering from Friday but it was rainy again anyways.... The sun peaked out for a bit though, and finally there was a nice sunset and we fely postive leading into Sunday and our all day snorkel, sailingtrip.

The snorkel trip was good, saw lots of fish, sea turtles (which was cool) lots of sting rays and one shark. the groups befor us,scared away th sharks apparently so that was disappointing.
ben did better snorkelling than 5 years ago, but still only went on 1 of the 3 stops. I got good photos of the marine life though, but all day on teh boat took it's toll on me and I was a bit seasick, not like actually but I was feeling great, and it lasted into the evening and affected me being able to enjoy dinner. 2 half days trips would have been better. I skipped having any of the rum punch because i was feeling poorly. Ben did too.

ps I hate this keybaord the keys are sticky and it's taking forever to type b/c the space bar hardly works....

I already miss all of our new friends..... everyone went home today :( okay I gotta go meet Ben for dinner, I am very hungry, last night on the Island!

oh ya the otto here is GO SLOW! that goes for service in the restaurants too, so you have to get there before you are already hungry to eat!

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