Monday, January 5, 2009

I held a baby crocodile and touched a baby money!

Our flights and transfers all went smoothly... from Honduras to Belize via...El Savador.
We got to Belize early Saturday morning and then off to the sanctuary. We stayed with an lady in her home, she cooked for us it was basic, but very cheap and she was a good cook! We tried lots of traditional Creole food. Not American Creole, but Caribbean Creole. They don't like to be confused! It was relaxed and we used the weekend to just unwind and decompress.

The monkey sanctuary was pretty good. We went on a guided tour and fed black howler monkeys they are very endangered. One had a new baby only 6 weeks old! I held out my hand and the baby reached out and grabbed my fingers! it was SO cute... they monkey's are totally wild but the one troop is pretty used to people. We just fed them Coca leaves nothing they can't get themselves in the wild. They makes the loudest howler noises ever and sound like monsters in the jungle at sunset and dawn.... you would never guess that noise if from such a little monkey!

At night we went on a night croc tour in a canoe in the Belize river. It was pretty cool, lots of BIG crocs and one baby one that our guide caught for us and we held in the boat... so cool! I loved the baby croc and his cute little noises. both times it was just Ben & I and the guide so it was a nice private tour and we had lots of time with the animals.

Today we are in Belize city at our hotel, tonight at 6:30 we meet up with the rest of our gap tour group and go for dinner.
They like Canadian tourists here in Belize alot because we built their sewer system for them and I guess gave it to them basically for free. And we built some bridge for them too here in the city.

Oh ya it's VERY hot here!!! Honduras was much cooler cause we were in the mountains, but Belize we are dying of humidity and heat!

Tomorrow we go to Tikal & Flores in Guatamala Tues,Wed & Thurs. Friday we are in San Ingacio. Don't think I will get to a computer/internet connection until Friday... If I am lucky....

There is only one computer here at this hotel, so I am buying time for the first time of the trip so that's pretty good...It's quiet so far seems to be in between checkout & checkin times... but when the rest of the group arrives I am sure internet usage will be harder to get and I don't know what the computer facilites will be like at the rest of our hotels with Gap.


Mom K said...

OK it sounds like you are happy now with your animals and since you have had your 'fix' you can go and do something else. How many people are in your group??This trip sounds amazing....You missed the freezing rain last night....

kp said...

sounds like you guys having a great time. i think it would be kinda creepy in a canoe at night with crocs around lol. and i agree with mom k...there was lots of freezing rain here in k-town unfortunately. well im glad you guys and my parents are soaking up the hot weather right now. so jealous!