Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flores, Guatamala

So we are in Flores yesterday, today and tomorrow and then on Friday am back to San Ignacio in Belize. Tikal was not today it´s tomorrow... I am a dolt and can´t read the itinerary.....

Anyways .... so I am buying cheap time at an internet cafe around the corner from our hotel it´s a buck an hour... American. Not bad! and thankfully the keyboard is english with just a few different keys for their accents etc.... so not too hard to type.

Today was a water taxi to San Jose, had a spanish lesson (could have used that last week!) and swimming and relaxing and exploring Flores.
Tomorrow is Tikal and the 5am wakeup!
I stepped on something in the grass while swimming and hurt the bottom of my foot right on the sole of the feet near my toes.... it´s killing me to put pressure on it... I hope it´s better for tomorrow and all the walking around Tikal we will have. I thought it was a rock or glass... but I am not sure. There is no pucture mark that I or Ben can see, I just am worried that it won´t be better for tomorrow which would totally suck.

Flores is a tiny teeny island in Guatamala in a fresh water lake called Peten. It´s really beautiful. I am really excited for tomorrow & seeing Tikal.
Ben is more excited to see Caracol (which is in Belize and at the end of our trip) than Tikal but I am the opposite. Caracol and Tikal were warring most of the time with each other and Caracol is actually larger than Tikal, but not totally escavated yet.

Trevor our guide is GREAT! I really like him. The group is also really good. No wet blankets or annoying people to spoil things so that´s excellent! we have 2 nurses in the group. So I may have one of them look at my foot if it´s still bothering me tomorrow..
I am worried I was bitten as opossed to just stepping on something sharp..... it´s a bit swollen and painful, but I don´t know if that is just from walking on it ..... hmmm can´t find the question mark on the keyboard here....

Tonight I am going to try the White Fish dinner here, it´s a local fish from this lake and apparently really amazing... so I guess we´ll see! I loved fried bananas and icecream with honey last night! SO yummy....
speaking of food I am suppossed to meet Ben for dinner at a restaurant about 50 steps away from the internet cafe about now... so I guess I should get going! also my stomach is growling.

Tomorrow wil be a long day at Tikal. if I feel up to it I may post tomorrow since internet is so cheap and close to the hotel.

okay dinner time it is for me! just as soon as the marching parade-band goes by... for some reason they have a marching band and parade here everyday just before sunset. and firecrackers which are really just noise markers... yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas so the day about the wise men or something but apparently Trevor says they do it ALL the time for any reason.... okay the band has passed so I can leave now!

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Mom K said...

Do you not remember '3 kings day' in Mexico when they had special yummy chocolate and you and Jet really liked it ?
Get someone to look at your foot....